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paint booths

Process Environments strives to be your preferred supplier of quality spray booth systems and accessories. We offer a diverse array of spray booth configurations, paint mixing rooms, limited finishing stations, and accessories that provide you with a high quality solution at an affordable price.  These product lines are manufactured using the highest quality material and hardware available in the industry.

No solution is the same for every business. The paint booth systems, paint mixing rooms and limited finishing stations that we offer are designed to allow for custom configuration to meet our customers demanding requirements.  Process Environments will provide you with a high quality product at a lower overall cost of ownership.

We are dedicated to superior customer service before, during and after the sale.

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hippo hoppers

Hoppers are designed to provide years of dependable service in the toughest applications. They will increase job efficiency, lower labor costs and reduce the possibility of work related back injuries.

Process environments I ltd llp 

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Spark Arresting Equipment for Process Applications
Cools and arrests sparks
Extinguishes sparks with air, not water
Prevents duct and baghouse fires
Prevents burn-damage to filter media
Destratifies temperature and cools local hot spots

Industrial fans

Process Environments offers a complete line of industrial fans and blowers for continuous duty in an industrial environment.  Fans and Blowers are designed and engineered for predictable performance and trouble free operation for users who value quality craftsmanship and reliable performance.  Our sales staff consists of individuals who are not just sales agents but are technically oriented and knowledgeable in product applications.  We are industrial minded representatives who are able to deal technically with the demanding needs of the industrial marketplace.


Process Environments represents the leading equipment names in fire suppression and explosion protection, including FIKE, CLARKE'S, Air Blender's SPARK COOLER.  Protect your workers and your investment with equipment designed for industrial applications that prevent baghouse and filter explosions.  Installation of an explosion isolation device on suction side ducts that transport material with a KST value above zero is a NFPA 69 requirement.



Convey bulk material from one point to another using the industry's most cost effective and versatile conveying methods.

rotary vALVES

A full line of rotary valves are available in models and sizes to fit most any application from nuisance dust to more challenging sticky and abrasives particles.  A rotary valve allows complete automation of a dust collection system from start to finish, continuously depositing dust from the collector to the end-of-the-line material handling system.


Self-supporting fume arms provide the most economical and effective methods for the capture of fumes. Contaminants are removed at their source by the use of self-supporting joints, flexible hoses and allow for easy placement of the arm’s hood near the source of problem.  Tubes are fabricated of steel with cast aluminum joints and are fully adjustable to the workers desired tension.  The arm includes a handle which completely encircles the hood in order to facilitate easy repositioning from all sides.  Fume extraction arms are available with optional accessories such as wall/ceiling mounts, extension hoods, light fixtures and custom colors.


Easy Duct is designed to be used with dust collection systems.  Easy Duct eliminates time-consuming operations like riveting, cutting, brazing and welding for standard length piping.  Easy Duct can be assembled/disassembled with no special tools, saving ducting each time your floor plan changes.  Easy Duct is the perfect solution for your changing needs, whether it is new equipment or a new production line.

DUCTWORK and Hoods

As part of a customized system, Process Environments can provide and install custom fabricated ductwork and hoods to exact specifications based on your new system requirements or we can create ductwork modifications to your existing system.


Process Environments can custom design the appropriate control panel for your dust collection system or ventilation fan requirements.  Photohelic control panels are designed for "on demand" jet-pulse which will extend filter life and reduce compressed air consumption, both important considerations for an efficient filtration system.  Delta P and Delta P Plus controls are solid-state products providing pressure drop measurement, digital display, and optional alarm functions which are designed to provide accurate and dependable control of a pulse-cleaning timer, starting and stopping the cleaning process at the limits you choose.