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Parts and Service

For genuine Donaldson replacement filters and parts, CALL:

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TOLL FREE:  800-495-2249

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Bag Filters

Breath easier with bag filters from the worldwide leader in dust collection.  From Dura-Life high performance bags to specialty bags, no one can match Donaldson Torit's expertise.  For the best bag filters that keep any brand of baghouse dust collector operating at it's peak, rely on Donaldson Torit.

Providing the widest range of bag filters for any baghouse collector.  Award-winning Dura-Life bag filters last two to three times longer than the standard polyester bags when replacing due to excess pressure drop, improving performance, efficiency and bottom line of our baghouse dust collector.

  • Dura-Life "Twice the Life" filter media
  • Extensive selection to fit any collector
  • Wide range of media to cover most applications
  • Improved efficiency
  • Greater performance

Baghouse (Daynamic)

Baghouse (FS, RSD)

Baghouse (FT, LP)

Baghouse (HPB)

Baghouse (HPH, HPT, HPW

Baghouse (IRD)

Baghouse (MB, MBT, MBW)

Baghouse (MTJ)

Baghouse (PJ, PJD)

Baghouse (RF, RFT, RFW, RA)

Baghouse (RJ)

Baghouse (TJ)

Cabinet 50-54

Cabinet 60-66

Cabinet 70-80

Cabinet 80-84

Cabinet 90-140

Cyclone 12

Cyclone 16

Cyclone 20

Cyclone 24-44

Dalamatic Cased (DLMC)

Dalamatic Insertable (DLMV)

Dalamatic Unit (DU)

Downdraft Bench (DB-800)

Downdraft Bench (DDHV-45)

Dust Collectors (DA-500 / SF-500)

Dust Collectors (DA-600 & DA-800 / SF-600 & SF-800)

Dust Collectors (DA-1000 & DA-1500 / SF-1000 & SF-1500)

Dust Collectors (DM-1500 / DM-3000)


Modular MediaFilter (FD, FDV, MD, MDV, PDV)

Modular MediaFilter (HA & HS)



Unimaster (UMA 40)

Unimaster (UMA 70)

Unimaster (UMA 100)

Unimaster (UMA 150)

Unimaster (UMA 250)

Unimaster (UMA 350)

Unimaster (UMA 450)

Unimaster (UMA 750)

Torit bag filters