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Easy Duct is versatile

Materials collected or conveyed through Easy Duct include, but are not limited to, sawdust, metal grinding, print powder, plastic pellets, dry concrete, smoke, fume, grain, lime, wood chips, mist, toner dust, paper trim, cocoa, and hundreds of others.

Easy Duct works with new installations and existing systems

Many of the largest manufacturing facilities built in the US today install complete Easy Duct systems.  Easy Duct is simple to connect to existing duct systems.  Plus, it's reusable and can accommodate floor plan changes or machinery replacement in a snap!

Easy Duct keeps operations running

Thanks to Easy Duct clamp-together design, installation, clean out and system changes take a fraction of the time it takes for traditional duct.

Easy Duct is not only quick -

it is strong

The Easy Duct system starts with straight pipe in diameters from 3 to 24-inches and adds fittings, branches, elbows, hoods and adapters specifically machined so that each connecting end has double-rolled edges. When the Easy Duct clamp, complete with its built-in gasket, is snapped into place, the resulting seal is strong and airtight enough for nearly all dust collection and solid material conveying applications.

Easy Duct Puts the Squeeze on Costly Conventional Joining methods

Easy Duct clamp-together components eliminate rivets, screws, welds and other time-consuming and costly joining methods.  The Easy Duct adjustable nipple telescopes to eliminate precision measuring and wasted materials due to improper measurements.

easy lEAK-FREE

Ideal for any application using a wet scrubber or mist collector


Laser Welded clamp together ducting system.  Adaptable for wet/oil mist and abrasive applications.  Available in numerous materials and gauges.