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Applications:  High Pressure-High Volume

Pressure Range:  Up to 110" WG

Volume Range:  1000-26,500 CFM

Applications:  Dirty Air

Pressure Range:  6" - 32" WG

Volume Range:  100,00-220,000 CFM



High Pressure Series (TRO):
The major usages for these products are in the scrubber industry, pneumatic conveying, fluidized beds, and vacuum systems to name a few. The advantage of these fans is the ability to obtain high pressures with moderate flows and still offer the ability for material handling with most of the wheel designs. The fans open many doors in a unique market segment for specialty applications. They also allow many exotic metals to be used to deal with corrosive airstreams or high stress situations. Real workhorses in the harsh industrial environment. 

Wheel Type:   TRO, BCLS
CFM:   100,000
Static Pressure:   120"
Wheel Sizes:   15" to 84"
Arrangements:   1, 4, 8, and 9

Radially Tipped (RT) Series:
The major usage for this product is in process fan applications. The advantage of the fan is the ability to
handle a high volume of air and yet be able to generate higher pressures than most clean air fans. Being
radially tipped in design, the fan can handle dirty air without having excessive material build-up to hamper the performance of the fan. It’s a perfect selection for the application which requires more pressure or material handling than the BI is suited for and more CFM of air than the IE is suited for. There is not a major sacrifice in fan efficiency, with the radial tipped fan being able togenerate up to 75% static efficiency.

Wheel Type:   RTS
CFM:   187,500
Static Pressure:   35"
Wheel Sizes:   27" through 110"
Arrangements:   1 and 8

Applications:  Material Handling

Pressure Range:  1" - 45" WG

Volume Range:  1000-125,000 CFM

Applications:  Material Handling

Pressure Range:  1" - 30" WG

Volume Range:  800-16,000 CFM

wheel types:

Centrifugal fans are used in industrial ventilation, exhaustion, pressure blowing, pneumatic conveying or supplying combustion air.  They are well suited for airstreams that are clean, dust or material laden.  Once you have considered the environmental conditions that impact your fan selection, the proper wheel selection should be made.  Wheel types are also available in fan packages for abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, spark resistance or high temperature applications.


  • Clean Air
  • Material Handling
  • Stringy Material Conveying
  • Material Handling Fibrous, Wooly
  • Light Abrasive Air Stream
  • Dirty Air
  • High Pressure-High Volume
  • High Pressure-Low Volume
  • Clean to Lightly Loaded Air Stream

Applications:  Clean Air

Pressure Range:  1/2" - 22" WG

Volume Range:  3200-280,000 CFM

Applications:  Material Handling

Pressure Range:  1/2" - 45" WG

Volume Range:  200-100,000 CFM

IRT - (Industrial Radial Tip)

The radial tipped wheel design is the most efficient selection in the industrial exhauster series of fans.  It offers efficiency while maintaining some slight material handling capabilities where there is a light dust loading or slightly abrasive type material in the airstream. The performance is very stable throughout most of the operating range. Excellent selection where energy savings are a premium but material handling characteristics are required.

IRW — (Industrial Radial Wool)
The backplated radial bladed paddle wheel design is the ideal selection for stringy type material where there is the possibility of material build up in the fan. The design of the backplate causes an even disbursement of material across the fan to help reduce clogging. Conveying long or stringy fibrous material commonly related with the paper industry is the perfect application for this design.

IRO/IRS — (Industrial Radial Open)
The open type radial bladed paddle wheel design is an ideal selection for material conveying applications due to its heavy duty rugged construction. Airstreams containing heavy dust loading or coarse material are perfectly matched with this type of wheel design. The IRS (side rimmed radial bladed paddle wheel) is our high speed version of the IRO.  Higher tip speeds are made possible through the addition of side reinforcing sheets of steel. These wheel designs offer stable airflow performance over most of their pressure range.





Backward Inclined (BI) Series:
Used for relatively clean air applications with little or no particulate in the air-stream.

Our most efficient offering.  Widely applied in most industrial markets.

Wheel Type:   BI
CFM:   295,000
Static Pressure:   1/2" through 22"
AMCA Class:   2, 3, 4, and 5
Wheel Sizes:   12-1/4" through 120"
Arrangements:   1, 3, 4, 8, and 9

Industrial Exhauster (IE) Series:
Used for material handling, pressure blower, process gas, and many other industrial applications. 

Our best offering for material handling requirements.  With the aid of blade and housing wear

plates/liners, these fans can also be used for a number of abrasive material handling applications.

 Wheel Types              



 Light Abrasives
 Static Pressure
 2" through 50"
 2" through 30"
 2" through 50"
 Wheel Sizes
 12-1/4" to 85-1/4"
 19-1/8" to 36-1/2"
 19-1/8" to 120"
 1, 8, 9
 1, 8, 9
 1, 4, 8, and 9

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Applications:  High Pressure-Low Volume

Pressure Range:  Up to 110" WG

Volume Range:  500-11,000 CFM


product features & benefits:

  • Welding Standards - Comply with applicable AWS (American Welding Standards) specifications
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Drilled Outlet Flange - For Easy set-up
  • Split Taper-Lock Wheel Hub and Bushing - For easy connection to the fan shaft
  • Easy Access Belt and Shaft Guards
  • Extended Lube Lines - For easy bearing maintenance
  • Split Housings
  • Gasketing


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