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For genuine Donaldson replacement filters and parts, CALL:

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Donaldson Torit offers a complete line of replacement filters for ANY type of dust, fume and mist dust collection system.  They offer a complete line of cartridge filters as well as "will-fit" bag filters and panel filters for all your air filtration needs.

Donaldson Torit filters keep dust collectors operating at peak performance.  Offered for a full range of dust, fume and mist collection applications.  Proprietary Ultra-Web filters outperform and outlast other filters.  Ultra-Web filters - there is no equal in performance and value. 

Donaldson Torit panel filters are lightweight yet sturdy aluminum, contain superior filter media and come with built-in handles for easier maintenance.

Donaldson Torit PowerCore filter packs are changing the way we collect dust.  Powercore technology has proven itself in other industries for nearly 10 years and is ready to make the baghouse collector obsolete.

For more than two decades, Donaldson Torit has advanced the proven and proprietary Ultra-Web technology  Made with an electrospinning process that produces a very fine, continuous fiber of 0.2-0.3 micron in diameter, Ultra-Web nanofibers form a permanent web-like net with very fine interfiber spaces of the media.  Combining superior Ultra-Web technology with a sturdy spunbond polyester substrate, the Ultra-Web SB pleated bag filters deliver longer filter life, higher efficiency and greater cost savings for baghouse collectors.

Get cleaner air with advanced Donaldson Torit replacement cartridge, bag, and panel filters. Ultra-Web Nanofiber replacement cartridge filters and Dura-Life “twice-the-life” replacement bag filters are engineered with proprietary, higher performance industrial air filter media that improves efficiency, saves energy and extends cartridge filter and bag filter life.  Ultra-Web cartridge filters and Dura-Life bag filters are the “Cure for the Common Collector”, and they are available for Donaldson Torit AND most other popular brands of dust collectors. Simply tell us the brand and model of your collector and we’ll supply you high performance industrial air filters from our large, in-stock inventory.


DONALDSON TORIT Replacement filters